Aldian Otto
Chief Executive Officer

Aldian Otto is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur, finance expert, innovative executive with extensive leadership and business development experience within highly competitive markets, who has carved a path of success through his unwavering determination, and passion for helping others achieve financial prosperity.

Professional Journey

Aldian's journey into finance began with his service in the U.S. Army, specializing in finance and accounting. He served his country with distinction, working for the Defense Finance and Accounting Services in San Antonio, Texas, and later overseeing military payroll in Korea. Aldian served as the President and Founder of National Tax Preparers of America, an accounting firm renowned for its excellence in individual and corporate tax preparation. With over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, he has become a trusted expert in the field, providing invaluable financial guidance to countless clients.

Personal Values

Family holds an unshakeable place in Aldian's heart, and he believes it to be the most cherished value in life. Currently he has three children, he is a dedicated father who leads by example, instilling the importance of hard work and resilience in his children. Beyond his professional achievements, Aldian's interests span from the basketball court to globetrotting adventures. He is a voracious reader of inspirational material, keeping himself motivated and continually seeking personal growth. With relentless drive, Aldian aspires to leave a lasting legacy for his family while championing the cause of underserved businesses and ensuring the financial empowerment of his community.

His life's work exemplifies the values of hard work, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to helping others reach their full financial potential through The Otto Firm - a beacon of comprehensive consulting excellence.

Anthony Allen
Chief Operations Officer

Anthony is a seasoned business consultant whose extensive thirty-year career has been marked by a dedication to the growth and success of start-ups and small businesses. His vast experience spans a multitude of sectors, including ffordable housing development, business management, franchising, financial services, business credit building, and capital acquisition. This diverse background equips Anthony with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges that businesses face, enabling him to provide tailored solutions and strategic guidance. With his extensive expertise and unwavering dedication, Anthony continues to be a beacon of support and a catalyst for success for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

The Otto Firm's mission is clear to accelerate your path to financial success, champion the cause of underserved businesses, and ensure the financial empowerment of the community and beyond. 

Our Commitment

The Otto Firm is not just a consultancy; it's a partnership built on trust and results. Our unique project approach involves a dedicated team comprising of an account manager, project manager, consultant, editor, designer, and a quality control supervisor; all ensuring the highest quality, speed, and successful project delivery. Our founder, Aldian Otto, has nurtured a legacy of hard work, resilience, in helping others reach their full financial potential. 

Our Expertise

Over the years, our owner's path has been marked by dynamic achievements. Our company excels in individual and corporate tax preparation, a testament to our financial acumen. 

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