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Affiliate Disclosure: At The Otto Firm, we are paid commissions on a per sale or per lead basis for all credit card offers displayed on our website. This means that we receive a commission for each credit card offer that is purchased or applied for through our site. We may, at times, list credit card offers that we are not paid commissions for, but these are typically offers that we believe will be of interest to our users.

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Ethical Approach

Many people do not realize, but the credit industry is highly regulated. We truly believe the law is on your side when it comes to credit and we do what we can to use these laws to get the best results possible! If we cannot help you, we will let you know up front!

Fast and Friendly Service

Some companies want to drag out the process for as long as they can and delay your repair to make money. We have a different approach, we prefer to get you in and out as soon as we can so you can enjoy having better credit. We want to be the place you refer your friends and family to!

Our Experience

Credit repair is not new to us. We have years of experience and have helped countless number of clients over the years. We understand how the bureaus work to maximize the results we get in as little of time as possible.

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